Who We Are

Formed in 2018, the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance (ALA) is a collaborative working group of Asia Pacific Researchers and Clinicians with an expertise and interest in Lymphoma. The alliance aims to virtually bring together Lymphoma experts across Asia Pacific to share information, practice, and findings in order to better shape the way Lymphoma is managed and treated. It offers the community a peak body of experts with a dedicated interest in Lymphoma who work with organisations to promote, facilitate and engage in improving outcomes for Lymphoma patients.

ALA has partnered with the Snowdome Foundation who provide independent business, finance and governance to the ALA.

What We Do

The ALA members work together to collect real-world data and tissue analyses which aim to identify key areas of unmet need for new clinical trial designs, and treatments for Lymphoma patients.

The ALA conducts co-ordinated multi-centre projects publishing real-world clinical data and tissue biomarker research. We work with the National Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry (LaRDR) as a platform for our research. We foster new research ideas, develop these and roll them out quickly on a national scale, as well as share technologies available to us at individual sites, assist in finessing and improving grant applications, develop National Lymphoma Practice Statements, assist in trial development and foster new designs for studies to feed into the Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group (ALLG) clinical trials portfolio.